Why Zionism Is Proximate Cause of the Shoah and of Approximately 80 million deaths during WW2

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Why Zionism Is Proximate Cause of the Shoah and of Approximately 80 million deaths during WW2

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Source: Joachim Martello on Quora
[center]Why Zionism Is Proximate Cause of the Shoah and of Approximately 80 million deaths during WW2 Preface[/center]
US law identifies Immediate Cause that creates liability for an action. US law also identifies Proximate Cause. But for the Proximate Cause, the action that creates immediate liability might never have taken place. The Proximate Cause also bear liability. The Holocaust provides an example in which Proximate Cause must be addressed.

But for Zionism the Holocaust or Shoah would not have happened, and millions would have lived that perished.
Most white European Americans and other white Europeans believe a false propaganda history of WW2. White racial supremacist European Zionist colonial-settler invaders in Stolen Palestine both cultivate such white European ignorance and also batten on it. This white European ignorance often expresses itself in psychotic and delusional anti-antisemitism, which should be included among mental disorders in the DSM 5.

The Shoah was mostly blowback from the wildly disproportionate and prominent role that Jewish Soviet leaders played in atrocities and genocide during the Communist Revolution as well as during the consolidation of the USSR. The role of Jewish Bolsheviks in atrocities and genocide hardly means Soviet communists did not victimize Jews. Jews involved in commerce and finance were considered class enemies. While Jewish Bolsheviks brutally targeted such Jewish class enemies in the effort to transform Jews into the quintessential Soviet class, non-Jews in Europe and the USSR were almost completely unaware of such brutal Jew-on-Jew oppression.

The Stupidity of WW2
WW2 was a stupid war and mostly a continuation of WW1 with a change of ruling elite in Germany. Hitler did not even run as an antisemite in 1932, but his core supporters were mostly Ostdeutsch (Eastern European and Russian German) refugees angry or afraid of Jews because of the wildly disproportionate and prominent role Jewish Soviet leaders played in the persecution of Germans in the Soviet Union.

Hitler’s primary policy goal was the creation of Großdeutschland (Greater Germany). With the division of Poland between Germany and the USSR in 1939, he had achieved this goal. He wanted to conclude the war with a peace treaty with the UK because he and the German military leadership were certain that the USSR would eventually renounce the Soviet-German pact and invade if there were no peace treaty with the UK.

The progressive press in the UK – especially those Jewish journalists sympathetic to the USSR – favored a peace treaty to end the Phoney War or Sitzkrieg or Drôle de Guerre. Opposition to a peace treaty came mostly from the right because the traditional British foreign policy toward Europe included prevention of European unity first under the Spanish Habsburgs, then under Napoleonic France, and now under Germany. Yet, the British right was generally sympathetic to Hitler’s internal policies and might have been willing to come to a treaty arrangement with Germany even if the British right was unwilling to tolerate continental Europe united under Germany.

In contrast, Zionist members of the Cousin-hood of Wealthiest British Jews poured money into a campaign against peace and for transformation of the Phoney War into real total war because the Zionists were angry that even with all the actions Hitler had taken against Jews, European Jews desperately tried either to stay in Europe or to emigrate from Europe to the Americas.

The Perfidiousness of the Zionists of the Jewish Cousin-hood
The Zionists of the Cousin-hood and the Zionist leadership in Palestine wanted intense hot war in Europe in order to force Jews in E. Europe to flee to Palestine when all other possible destinations were closed off. Zionists also worked hard to close off all other possible destinations for fleeing Jews.

Zio leaders got the full scale war they desired. Fearful of later waging a defensive war on two fronts, Hitler intending quick victory invaded the USSR first on June 22, 1941, but Jews could not get out. Both Eastern European non-Jews and also liberated Soviet nationalities
  • angry at the Soviet Union or
  • fearful of the Soviet Union
unleashed murderous violence wherever and whenever possible on Jews, who had become so closely associated in the popular mind with Soviet murders, atrocities, and genocides. We sometimes find reports from Wehrmacht officers that were astounded and sometimes horrified by the anti-Jewish violence.

Murdering Jews en Masse
The Shoah, which started in Yugoslavia, was born as Germany followed the lead of the local people, who started to murder Jews en masse. Because Germany was a follower in the Shoah and not the director, it is difficult to find German government documents to show that the Shoah/Final Solution was official German government policy, and Shoah historians hang their hat on documents from the Wannsee conference, which took place on January 20, 1942. The Wannsee Conference took place after mass murders considered part of the Shoah had already taken place for several months.

The rest is history.

Suppose the UK had negotiated a peace treaty before the invasion of the Soviet Union and thus before the start of the Holocaust. The treaty could even have covered removal of Jews from the territory of Großdeutschland, and Jews in territories under Soviet control would have escaped threat of the Holocaust while German satellite states might never have been forced to hand Jews over to German forces for murder.

This alternate history would have rotted for Poland, but the actual history turned out worse for Poland and for the tens of millions, who died in WW2, which was a completely useless and stupid war.

In the alternate history, the Zionist goal of emptying Europe of its Jews would never have been achieved, and the Shoah would never have taken place. Before the invasion of the Soviet Union, Hitler was only interested in evacuating Jews from Germany and would probably have spent the next 15 years in finishing the consolidation of Großdeutschland.

Zionism is Proximate Cause of Shoah
The Zionists got their war, and they at least proximately caused the Shoah (and thus the murder of almost every member of my father’s family in the Ukraine) by thwarting a peace treaty between the UK and Germany.

Sympathizing with Zionists is like feeling sorry for a guy because he became an orphan after he murdered his parents.

In the real history, vicious bloodthirsty white racial supremacist European Zionist invaders founded the State of Israel (the Zionist state) in an atrocious act of genocide [pdf]https://www.ihuman.care/fotos/The Prima Facie Case for Zionist Perpetration of the International Crime of Genocide.pdf[/pdf] after Auschwitz and after the 1946 Nuremberg International Tribunal (NIT). The NIT marks the start of the international anti-genocide legal regime, and white European racists suffering from worthy victim syndrome are unwilling to address the genocide that white racial supremacist European Zios committed and continue to perpetrate on non-European natives of Palestine.

Not only is Zionism a proximate cause of the Shoah, but it remains the gift that keeps giving by vitiating the international anti-genocide legal regime and undermining international law.

Opposing abolition of the Zionist state today is at least as depraved as opposing abolition of US slavery before the US Civil War.

Opposing abolition of the Zionist state today is probably more depraved than opposing abolition of US slavery before the Civil War,
  • because slavery was legal before the Civil War while the Zionist state is unique among states with genocide in their history,
  • because its founding genocide took place after the 1946 Nuremberg Tribunal, and
  • because it continues post-Nuremberg genocide of the natives before the eyes of the world.
[center]There is no statute of limitations for genocide in either international or US law.[/center]

[center]Supporting the continued existence of the Zionist state is genocidal racism in effect if not in intent.[/center]

Because Zionism has transformed Judaism, Jewishness, Jewish identity, Yiddishkeyt into a program for genocide, the continued existence of the Zionist state and of Zionism as an effective political force guarantees that eventually Jews will constitute the most hated group on the planet.

When any Jewish or non-Jewish person supports Zionism, he supports a movement
  • that made the murder of the the vast majority of Jews of Europe a certainty and
  • that was proximate cause of the deaths of tens of millions of non-Jews.
WWII Books Worth Reading
  • The Phoney Victory: The World War II Illusion by Peter Hitchens (Bloomsbury Publishing, Sep 6, 2018) – Hitchens is a conservative author, who goes out of his way to grovel before Zionists.
  • Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World by Patrick J. Buchanan (Crown, May 27, 2008) – Buchanan does not grovel before Zionists.
1. Notes

Zionism is a depraved delusional ideology. Jesus and his disciples were all Palestinians. Yet European Christians, who all descend from local European converts, have no interest in relocating to Palestine.

Likewise, the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament recounts stories of ancient Palestine/Canaan. Yet European Jews, who all descend from local European converts, had practically no interest in relocating to Palestine until after WW2.

The point can be made in another way.

Just as only a moron, an ignoramus, or a liar claims modern Roman Catholics descend from ancient Romans, likewise only a moron, an ignoramus, or a liar claims modern Jews descend from Greco-Roman Judeans, whose descendants gradually converted to Christianity and thence to Islam. In truth, a small fraction of modern Roman Catholics descend from ancient Romans. In contrast, no Greco-Roman Judeans left or were removed from Palestine en masse. All modern Jews descend from non-Judean converts to Judaism.

It is important to recognize that Rabbinic Judaism, [pdf]https://www.ihuman.care/fotos/Rabbinic Judaism A Domain Specific Religion.pdf[/pdf] which does not crystallize until the 10th century CE, has less connection to Biblical Judaism than either Orthodox Christianity or Islam does.

2. The behaviour of the Zionist leadership with respect to Jewish refugees trying to flee from German controlled territory before WW2 was despicable. Ben-Gurion really wasn’t interested in helping Jews that could not actively participate in committing genocide and in stealing Palestine. I may be overstating, but in Ben-Gurion’s calculation and that of the Zionist leadership, the murders of Zionism-useless Jews could serve to distract from Zionist crimes against the natives of Palestine.

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