No immunity for Israeli diplomat's son in cop crash case

This space is for the news which you are certain that Israel will deny. Just keeping the record
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No immunity for Israeli diplomat's son in cop crash case

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No immunity for Israeli diplomat's son in cop crash case
Diplomatic Immunity Revoked

No immunity for Israhelli diplomat's son in cop crash case
The son of an Israhelli diplomat get’s busted for running a cop over but get’s sent home by the first court because he was seen as being an individual who has diplomatic immunity.
The case then went to the state department who revoked the initial decision and declared that “Privileged” overgrown, big ass cry baby is not protected by diplomatic immunity. And for the record the crying tactic is something taught to every Israhelli from birth onwards, they also tell them that they have for the last 65 million years been the victims and they also firmly believe that all their future generations will be victims.

I have to say that Hitler would be proud of them for adopting all his ideology and doing what he could not which is to make genocide look normal and be accepted by the world.

The irony here is that the USA allowed Israhell to get away with genocide for the last 75 years and covered their dirty ass holes but now it's an American Citizen, a American cop who has been treated like a Palestinian and run over without any consideration whatsoever. Let's see what happens with this case. Anyone who has an update on this case please feel free to post it in a reply as we all would love to hear.

YouTube may dislike anything against Israel so here is a link to the video on rumble

[media] ... voked.html[/media]

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