We Demand the Immediate Arrest of Rishi Sunak for Support of War Crimes

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We Demand the Immediate Arrest of Rishi Sunak for Support of War Crimes

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Please sign the petition at the link below

Petition Info

Z B shared an update on We Demand the Immediate Arrest of Rishi Sunak for Support of War Crimes

Hi All,

Thank you for your support. We have over 50,000 signatures on this petition. However we need a lot more in order to be heard! Since I started this petition the UK government has voted against a ceasefire, Al Shifa hospital has been bombed and raided. The South, west and east of Gaza have all been bombed killing those Gazan’s who tried to flee from the trouble in the North.

This will not stop until our voices are heard, and they will only be heard when they’re loud enough to deafen those in power. Hence, we need to share this petition with more and more people. The more signatures, the more compelling case we have.

So would you support me further by obtaining more signatures by sharing this with at least ten other people? Facebook groups, sms chats, Twitter, email and WhatsApp are all great. If more of us sign, we can’t be ignored.

Thank you again for your support, Allah bless you all.

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