How to post a New Topic and or reply with a comment to existing Topic.

Information on how to use the features of this website, for example how to create a new topic or simply reply to a post.
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How to post a New Topic and or reply with a comment to existing Topic.

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How to post a new topic/article, an image and or a video

Once you have created and submitted your article then you can share the link to your article by scrolling down to the bottom of the article and look for "Show Links" and click on it. You will then be presented with links and the most common option is to copy the first one which you can then share on Twitter or I should say X or any other media platform.

The benefit you have by posting your article on this website is that there will be no unjust blocking or deletion of your material. The only exceptions are spam articles and or "inappropriate" images, video and any content of that kind.

I can guarantee that all readers of this article have experienced unjust and bias from other social media platforms where you simply say something Israel does not like and they then call you an anti Semite before deleting your content.

Instead of repeating your comments for each social media platform and then forgetting about what you commented on or you made an update to the comment and now have to traceback to all the comments you made and change all of them which is time wasting.

If you have posted only the links from this website all you have to do is only change one instance on this website as all the links will point to your article. Please make your life easier by using this website. I do not make any money from this website and my Quora channel is not monetised.

And please reply to this post with any questions or suggestions you have.

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YOU CAN USE ANY AND ALL MATERIAL ON THIS WEBSITE AS REFERENCE - save yourself time by quoting links to the answers
Please consider registering to show your support.And on the top right of all articles you will see a row of icons, (after registration) please click the thumbs up icon after registeringAt the bottom of every article you will see 'Show post links' just click and share

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