The Attack on Section 230 (Communications Decency Act) continues!

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The Attack on Section 230 (Communications Decency Act) continues!

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[center]The Attack on Section 230 (Communications Decency Act) continues![/center]


FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act), which is chipping away at the CDA shield, is tangential to my battle against online discrimination against a pro-Palestine user and his content, but the debate and discussion shows how little understanding there is of Internet/WWW technology.

Here is my comment on the controversy.

The issue of thumbnails+smart feeds created by machine learning is interesting.

Arguendo, suppose

1) that the machine learning logic has determined a user to be a pedophile and
2) that the customization logic creates a pedophile-directed user feed along with thumbnails, tags, tag lines, and search key words that are all crafted to the fit the pedophile's taste in illegal child sex acts.

It makes sense for a social medium ICS computer service to stimulate the pedophile's proclivities. Such customization would increase eyes-on-the-page and make the advertising space more valuable that is associated with the social medium ICS.

What does the social medium ICS care if such stimulation makes it more likely for the pedophile to commit a crime?

Congress seems to have intended to give the social medium ICS a downside for an unprincipled marketing & sales strategy that encourages sexual crime.

While it's true that thumbnail creation, feed customization, tags, tag lines, and search key word creation are all functions that are associated with editorial discretion (even if in this hypothetical case these functions are performed automatically), the machine learning algorithms could just as easily flag a probable paedophile as they could stimulate him.
Another Problematic FOSTA Ruling–Doe v. Pornhub

Here is the original complaint. ... 44d734.pdf
[center]Here is the most recent memorandum and order in the case.[/center]
[pdf] ... b591ea.pdf[/pdf]

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