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Trevor Noah video mutilated by the zionist's

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Trevor Noah video mutilated by the zionist's

I recently watched a video of Trevor Noah being dismantled on
from the website ifamericansknew.org Website

The issue is the following website Honest reporting, yes excuse the title because it's honest bullshit.

Comparing Dead Terrorists to Dead Civilians
“I don’t think that any TV show in ten minutes is going to come close to solving Israel-Palestine,”
Noah admits, saying he’s deliberately staying away from good and bad, and who started. Instead, he continues, people should
“ask a different question.”
To the neutral viewer, Noah comes across as level-headed and impartial. But as he continues, his ignorance of Hamas’ cynical manipulation of both international law and media exposure leads him to a disastrous conclusion: “Instead,” he opines, “let’s look at who’s dead, and who’s alive.”

Invoking the perverse morality of body counts, Noah tells the camera that significantly more Palestinians have been killed and wounded, and that he “cannot watch that footage, and hear those numbers, and see a fair fight.” Sadly, he fails to take several crucial factors into account:

1. Each and every single rocket fired by Hamas is a war crime on two different counts: First, because terrorists in Gaza are aiming rockets at innocent Israeli civilians. Second, by storing weaponry and locating personnel in residential buildings, schools and other densely-populated non-military areas, Hamas deliberately and cynically uses civilians as human shields.

2. Every sovereign state has a right to defend itself. Even if Israel is capable of defending itself from 90% of attacks, that doesn’t mean that Hamas and Islamic Jihad should be allowed to continue lashing out. Israel has a responsibility to protect its citizens.

3. While Noah mentions the number of people killed in Gaza, he fails to mention that many of those dead are terrorists – some of them were actually neutralized while launching attacks against Israel.

4. Noah includes the number of children killed, but does not include the fact that at least six of those children were killed as the result of a rocket fired from Gaza that fell short. According to IDF estimates, roughly a third of the projectiles fired from Gaza landed inside the densely populated enclave.

5. The numbers game is misleading in another way: The fact that there is an imbalance between the number of Israeli civilians killed and Palestinian terrorists killed is not a negative thing. If 50 terrorists in Gaza were killed, and 50 civilians in Israel were killed, would that be “fair”? Obviously not.

Toward the end, Noah says, “I know people are going to hate me for this, but I just want to ask an honest question here: If you are in a fight where the other person cannot beat you, how hard should you retaliate when they try to hurt you?” He then proceeds to compare himself as a child dealing with an annoying younger sibling, and being told by his mother that he had to restrain himself.

Likening the situation to someone bringing a knife to a gunfight, Noah pointedly finishes by rhetorically demanding Israel consider its use of power, “All I’m asking is: when you have this much power, what is your responsibility?”

On the face of it, the point is reasonable. But both are poorly thought-out metaphors. While Gaza is indeed significantly weaker than Israel, the terror groups there are funded and equipped with weapons by Iran. And as opposed to these parallels, Israeli civilians are actually being grievously wounded and killed by these rockets. This week alone, two Israeli children have been killed by rockets.

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