The true account of "Lawrence of Arabia" and the blatant blasphemy by the current rulers/dictators and their lineage

This space is for the news which you are certain that Israel will deny. Just keeping the record
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The true account of "Lawrence of Arabia" and the blatant blasphemy by the current rulers/dictators and their lineage

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We all know of the character Lawrence of Arabia but what most of us do not know is the extent of greed and blasphemy of the current Saudi Royalty.
What they did in exchange for status and wealth caused the beginning of the current situation the Palestinians are in, to put it simply each and every Palestinian is blood on the Saudi Royals. Another fact I would like to clear is that they are nothing more than fisherman by origin and historical fact.

For another detailed perspective

I have hated the Saudi Royalty and anything they have, do and will endorse which includes wahabi, Najdi, tableeghi jamaat school of thought, to put it in perspective and according to Islam they are "Baatil", they can quote and invoke Allah as many times as they like as this would not change the baatil decleration. Another way to look at it is to picture G.W. Bush teaching you about Islam and explaining that it's okay to kill 3 million women and children to preserve Islam.

Remember one thing, when Imam Mehdi is revealed the then ruler/dictator of Saudi will send an army to kill him after they learn that he has fled to Mecca, on that day and moment Allah will open up the earth and swallow the entire army.
The seed of this satanic ruler is right between Muhammad Bin Salman's legs, his family proved themselves by betraying a neighbour, a Muslim nation by allowing America on to the land which the my blessed Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ cleansed of transgression.

The recent actions of MBS murdering Muslim scholars is testament to the Saudi Royalties true face, if that is not enough then please describe an individual who buys one of the worlds most expensive properties in which he has no intention of living in. Plus a boat for half billion, is this behaviour an example of a God fearing Muslim?.

Our true enemy is the dajjal but we have and are looking out for him and simply forgot to look a little closer to home. May Allah protect our Iman until we draw the last breath.
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