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If Arabs are indigenous to Palestine, why aren't they mentioned in the Bible?

Documentation before the creation up to the day of occupation.
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If Arabs are indigenous to Palestine, why aren't they mentioned in the Bible?

The following article was taken from : David Emiley who answered the question:

Because the statement is technically wrong, but let me clarify.

The Palestinians have several ethnic origins, including Arab, Pre-Arab (don't ask, I don't know what exactly that means either), and two or three types of Canaanite: Syrians (not modern Syria, ancient Syria), Phoenicians, and Philistines (referring to their coastal dwellings, not the pejorative usage in the Bible). These ancestors were coastal Canaanites, unlike the Israelites that lived in the inland hills, and they lived along the strip of the Mediterranean from Gaza up through what is now Lebanon.

The existence of these ancestors under the name and the region Palestinian and Palestine is firmly attested to back to the 5th century BC, with secondary attestations continuing all the way back to the 12th century BC. Contrary to Zionist claims, Syria-Palestine didn't just appear out of thin air in the 2nd century AD. That designation of the region’s name (one of several) is irrefutable to the 5th century, and strongly indicated to c800 BC.

From my personal unrelated research into the Ugarit Texts, it's noteworthy that there are no mentions of the Peleset. The Ugarit Texts are from the 13th and 12th century BC, and the oldest mentions of the Peleset are 12th century BC elsewhere, so perhaps this indicates the 12th century as the begining of the ethnonational identity of the Peleset, and we need to look elsewhere for ancestors by a different name. Similar to the 20th century BC origin of the Israelites, who developed their ethnoreligious identity as distinct from their immediate ancestors, the nomadic Hebrew cattle herders.

So to answer the exact question, the Arabs weren't native to Canaan. But the Peleset/Philistines/Phoenicians/Palestinians were, and they comingled with first the “Pre-Arabs” (I should really look that up and find out who they are exactly), and then the Arabs.

Let us embrace truth. Yes, Israel/Judea existed. But Palestine existed as well. Both these peoples are from this land. It belongs to both of them, and they belong to it
. I wear a Palestinian coin on my necklace. A coin from a country the Zionists say never existed. The coin speaks a simple message:

“I exist.”

Footnote: There is a funny irony, in that the historical Palestinians were coastal, and the historical Israelites were inland, but now the two groups have switched places. :lol: :lol:

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