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Here is what the Western funded Nazis are doing in Ukraine

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Here is what the Western funded Nazis are doing in Ukraine

Here is what the Western funded Nazis are doing in Ukraine

The following content is extremely gruesome and viewer discretion advised, just click the spoiler button to reveal the video.

1. Ukrainian Nazi militia violate the Geneva convention in so many ways by killing injured Russian troops
This video is brutal, you can clearly hear and see Ukrainian troops shooting a Russian soldier who is gasping for breath and very much appears to be in distress. As usual the Nazi militia do what it was designed to do and that's to kill without compassion and do it with pride.
Take note of the other bodies which have their hands tied behind their back which indicates an execution
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2. Ukrainian militia shooting captured Russian troops in the testicles
Once again the merciless Ukrainian Nazi militia castrating captured Russian troops with an automatic rifle by shooting them in the testicles. This in it's self violates so many conventions and is a war crime but unfortunately the UN, Human Rights and ICC war crimes courts are not the ones who decide but are instructed by the US.
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3. Ukrainian refugees claiming the Nazi led battalions are shooting children.
Listen to the real victims of the US funded aggression which has destroyed these peoples lives.

4. Ukrainian Civilians Explain How Their Own Military Have Destroyed Buildings
The Western funded Nazis brutalising and terrifying Ukrainian people by not only bombing their buildings but indiscriminately shooting at their buildings with children inside

5. French journalist tells of Ukrainian military bombing Ukrainian people
Once again in a line of many atrocities by Ukrainian military this one is disturbing as they are bombing and killing the very citizens they claim to be protecting. The alternative is that they are pepping the scene for another movie shoot to say it was Russia.

6. Ukrainian Refugees Claim the Nazi-led Azov Battalion Are Shooting at Children
Listen to the Ukrainian refugees under Russian protection. They claim that the Nazi militia were and are targetting children whilst shouting "Go Back", I am not sure where to but what is certain is the fact that they are ethnically cleansing.

7. Ukrainian Nazi militia stopping and shooting at Ukrainian citizens
Civilian vehicle stopped and the people dragged out and the women and children screaming as the Nazi militia hold down an old man with the end of the gun pointing at his head, at this moment the car behind decides it's best to make a run for it and puts his foot on the gas hard at which point his car gets shot at with automatic rifles most likely Kalashnikov due to the distinct sound they make.

NYT Confirms Ukrainian Atrocities: Russians Killed in Same Manner as Recent “Massacre”
The New York Times has verified a video of Ukrainian soldiers torturing, executing and mutilating the bodies of bound Russian soldiers outside of Kiev just miles from a recent alleged “massacre” the Western media and Western governments are blaming on Russia.

Video evidence of Ukrainians killing in exactly the same manner as these massacre victims is a damning indictment of not only Ukraine’s conduct during this conflict, but also of the Western world’s complicity in covering up and deflecting for Ukraine & its conduct.

This confirms the very first video posted in this article.
References: https://www.ihuman.care/video?mode=view&id=68
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